Campsite Tonight: Turning Campocalypse into Camparadise! 🏕️

Hey there fellow adventure enthusiasts,

Hope this message finds you in good spirits and with a healthy dose of wanderlust!

During the pandemic my wife let me turn our driveway into a camper van showroom and we have been camping a lot ever since. My family's camping frequency is directly proportional to how much my wife is willing to endure mosquito bites! Joking aside, the amount we go camping is probably more related to my ability to find a campsite which is only eclipsed by trying to eat at any restaurant on the Eater's top list.

My frustration is your gain since I decided to buy Campsite Tonight and continue their mission. Very soon, Campsite Tonight will get availability information from, State of California (reservecalifornia), Sonoma County Parks, Hipcamp and more.

No more switching between tabs like a mad scientist, no more convincing my laptop to stop buffering and start booking. Nope, this is the future – where a single search reveals the grand spectrum of camping options available, from serene lakeside spots to forests so enchanting even the squirrels have Instagram accounts.

So, my dear fellow adventurers, hold onto your marshmallows and tighten those hiking boots, because with Campsite Tonight and my impending search wizardry, we're about to elevate our camping game from "hide and seek with tent poles" to "epic outdoor escapades at the touch of a button."

Stay tuned for updates, hilarious camping mishaps, and perhaps a photo or two of me trying to assemble a tent without consulting the instructions!

Happy camping (and app-ing)!


August 24, 2023