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We search across multiple services to show you all available campsites based on your filters. When you find a place you like, click Learn More to be redirected to complete your booking.
  • Who we search:, State Parks, County Parks, Hipcamp
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Availability Alerts

Let us know when you'd like us to keep an eye on a search you've made and we'll alert you when new campsites come available for a certain area.

This is different than Campnab or Wandering Labs because it searches for exactly what you want across an area, as opposed to an individual campsite.
Campsite Tonight filters

HD Streaming Coverage Maps

See coverage maps for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile with your map results so you can stream or take Zoom calls while enjoying nature.

Tip: Combine them with our trail maps to find great places to hike and stay connected!
    Campsite Tonight filters

    Live Maps

    See active weather alerts, fires, and hurricane maps live with your campsite results.
    • Hurricane, NEXRAD radar, and forecast outlook.
    • Smoke and active fires map.
    • Satellite imagery and lightning strike density
    Campsite Tonight filters

    Weather Maps

    Aside from live maps, we provide multiple weather maps to help you beat the heat, avoid the cold, or hide from the wind.
    • Maps Include: Estimated precipitation, forecast overview, wind forecast, high temperatures, low temperatures, humidity index, and more.
    Campsite Tonight map styles

    Satellite, terrain, and coverage maps

    Scope out where you want to camp with satellite and terrain maps. In the future, we will have additional maps, like cell phone coverage maps, to make sure you are finding the perfect spot for your needs.
    Campsite Tonight filters

    Add your rigs and build quick filters

    Add your rig(s) and filter combinations based on how you like to camp. Leverage these saved filters together to automatically pull in your customized search criteria for every search you do through CampsiteTonight.
    • Rig features: RV type, rig length, tow vehicle length, slides,
    • Filters: Electrical, pets allowed, water hookups, sewer hookups, generators allowed, and many more
    • Search based on distance and select services you would like to search


    Spend more time camping and less time searching.
    Good to get you going and finding places to stay.
    • Search all services at once
    • Multiple saved rigs
    • Access to all filters
    • Ad supported
    Supercharged search to save you time and find you great campsites.
    7-day free trial!
    • Search all services at once
    • Multiple saved rigs
    • Access to all filters
    • No ads
    • Availability alerts for searches
    • 24+ map layers
    • HD streaming maps
    • Weather maps
    • Satellite maps
    • Quick filters
    • Priority support
    Answers to

    Frequently asked questions

    How does it work?
    When you search for a place to stay on our app, we look at all of the services to see if they have anything available and report back. Once you find a place you want to book, we redirect you to that service so you can complete your booking. We are like for campsites!
    What are availability alerts?
    Availability alerts let you tell us when you have made a search and want to be notified when availability changes. This functionality is similar to Campnab or Wandering Labs, except there is one BIG difference. We are going to let you know when anything comes available across a given AREA, instead of watching one individual campsite.
    Can I book directly in the app?
    Not at the moment. We may add this functionality in the future. Our focus is making it easy as possible to find a campsite, fast.
    When is the latest to search for a day of campsite?
    We've found that if you need a place to stay day of you need to make a reservation before 4pm of the time zone you are targeting. That seems to be the cut off time for a lot of the services and when public parks tend to close. If it's after that turn on the Stores filter from the app to find yourself a Cracker Barrel or Wal-Mart to overnight.
    How do I request to add a service?
    We are going to be constantly adding services to the app (we have 50 state park systems on our radar right now). If you'd like to suggest something else or give us poke to put one state over another, give us a shout!
    How can I partner with you?
    Do you have a refer a friend program?
    Yes we do! Give us a shout and we'll talk.
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