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We search across multiple services to show you all available campsites based on your filters. When you find a place you like, tap the card to go to the right website and complete your booking.
  • Who we search:, State Parks, County Parks, Hipcamp, Campspot
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Availability Alerts

Do you have a specific campground on a specific date you want to visit? Create an alert for it.

We plan to support filters on your alerts, and add Map Area and Park based alerts. For those times you need to be in a specific area at a specific time, or make a park alert so you don't have to create an alert for every campground in Yosemite.
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Satellite, terrain, and coverage maps

Scope out where you want to camp with satellite and terrain maps. In the future, we will have additional maps, like cell phone coverage maps, to make sure you are finding the perfect spot for your needs.


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Answers to

Frequently asked questions

How dos it work
We scan multiple websites at once so you don't have to go to each one directly to look for campground availability.
What are availability alerts?
Availability alerts let you tell us when you have made a search and want to be notified when availability changes.
Can I book directly in the app?
Not at the moment. We may add this functionality in the future. Our focus is making it easy as possible to find a campsite, fast.
When is the latest to search for a day of campsite?
We've found that if you need a place to stay day of you need to make a reservation before 4pm of the time zone you are targeting. That seems to be the cut off time for a lot of the services and when public parks tend to close.
How do I request to add a service?
We are going to be constantly adding services to the app. We want to add services within specific geographies since we want to cover 100% of the campgrounds in a given area. If you'd like to suggest something else or give us poke to put one area over another, give us a shout!
How can I partner with you?
Do you have a refer a friend program?
Yes we do! Give us a shout and we'll talk.
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